The one behind the camera.

Hello I’m James! I grew up in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula where I developed a love for surfing and anything to do with the ocean.

I started taking photos in the ocean as a creative outlet which inspired me to study a Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging in 2015. From there I fell into weddings and realised the fulfilment I received from capturing the moments of a couple’s ultimate day.

My approach to photography is with a documentary style. I prefer blending in with your guests to capture the real and genuine moments, creating images that show what your day was all about. I’m not about the stiff awkward poses, I want you to feel comfortable and at ease in your photos.

I am here to share this moment with you, and tell your story in an honest, real way, with all the emotions, connections & experiences.

“Photography is the natural continuation of our life story, our experiences, and our past. “

My past influences not only my work, but the person I am.

I use my past to create my present photos. I draw on this past, my first life, and it is thanks to this first story that I now realize the value of life—my own, and others’.

Things that once felt important to me are no longer important. With time, everything has shifted. I know where my priorities are and how lucky I am to live the life I lead.